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40 x €50 euro bills, Total of €2,000 Euro.

As these 50 euro bills are less used in the Euro markets, so our company focuses on producing these notes either in less quantity or as per requested by the clients. The stock availability is 40 which can be further extended as asked by the regarded buyers.

Know more about our Fake money:

  1.    These 50 euro notes are highly Counterfeit fake money which is made such that they look very similar with the real money.
  2. All of the produced euros bills are sold online and shipped by our company within 1 business days.
  3. Besides, the features include its great Undetectable counterfeit money and no color fading.
  4. Furthermore, the notes have full and nearly all securities threats.
  5. The fifty euro note (€50 euro ) is one of the middle value euro banknotes and has been used since the introduction of the euro (in its cash form) in 2002.
  6. The note is used by some 343 million Europeans and in the 23 countries which have the euro as their sole currency (with 22 legally adopting it).
  7. In March 2022, there were about 13,819,000,000 fifty euro banknotes in circulation in the eurozone.
  8. It is by far the most widely circulated denomination, accounting for almost half (48.6%) of the total banknotes.
  9. Estimates suggest that the average life of a fifty euro banknote is about four years before it is replaced due to wear.
  10. It is the fourth smallest note, measuring 140 mm × 77 mm, and has an orange color scheme.
  11.     The 50 note depicts bridges and arches/doorways in the Renaissance era (15th and 16th centuries).
  12.      The €50 note contains several complex security features such as watermarks, invisible ink, holograms and microprinting that document its authenticity.
  13. The full design of the Europa series €50 euro banknote was revealed on 5 July 2016.
  14. The new €50 note was released on 4 April 2017.
  15. Print on double sides.
  16. The notes are particularly used for Motion Picture Purposes and while buying it you have to agree that these notes will be used for the legal activities.

If some of the difficulties arise, you can easily contact with us, we will correct it as soon as possible. For more you can visit our official website for 50 euro notes. Thank you for shopping at

The €50 euro was founded on 1 January 1999, when it became the currency of over 300 million people in Europe.

For the first three years of its existence it was an invisible currency, only used in accounting €50 euro note.

We use the latest technology to produce our notes so that it looks 100% identical to the real note.

This thus implies all security features present in the real notes are present in the note we make.

Our team is made up of Quality IT technicians from Morocco, US, Russia, India, Korea and China etc

We offer high quality counterfeit NOTES for all currencies.

Why would you buy from us?

Our banknotes contain the following security features that make

it to be genius and we have the best grade counterfeit in the world both Euro and Dollar and any bills of your choice you want.

Security features of our bank notes below :

Intaglio printing


Security thread

See-through register

Special foil/special foil elements

Iridescent stripe / shifting colors.

Our banknotes are printed on 80% cotton 20% cellulose paper which differs substantially from normal paper.

By using a special printing technique, several picture elements on the front of the banknote are identifiable by touch.

The guidelines on detecting counterfeit currency give a comparison of genuine and    falsified security features.

– Our bills/notes bypass everything, counterfeit pens and machines.

– Can be used in banks but can be used else where same like normal money



EUR –Euro

USD – USDollar

GBP – BritishPound

AUD – Australian Dollar

CAD –CanadianDollar


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